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Aloha Sudden Rush Nation...

The Orginator of Nā Mele Pāleoleo, a Kanaka of innovation, vision and presence, has been called up to be with our Creator. Donald Ke’ala Kawā’auhau Jr., aka KingDon1 DaRappaNui, we M A H A L O you for your ‘ike, your commitment to the people of Hawai’i and most of all, your LEGACY of Lyrics.

“Now its true im Polynesian and Hawai’i is my home. From my brain to the throat to my tongue to my lips and to the microphone is how I spread my mana’o to the people of this wide wide world” ~ KingDon1

Mahalo Nui!

First and foremost, we would like to thank every single one of you for the support that you’ve shown us over the past 25 years. Your love and aloha is what has driven us, and we do what we do for all of you.  We’re not exactly sure what the future will bring for Sudden Rush as there is now a void that no one could possibly fill.

We do have almost 2 full albums worth of material that we’ve been working on over the past few years that we will definitely be releasing eventually. Keala was the driving force for all of us, and we know he would want you all to enjoy the legacy of our music and our message. Please keep his ohana in your thoughts and prayers through this hard time. Mahalo again and much love from the Sudden Rush Nation.

“my blood HAWAIIAN! My life HAWAIIAN! Was born HAWAIIAN! Will die HAWAIIAN!”

Download our first album NATION ON THE RISE for FREE (Limited time) as a huge mahalo for supporting us throughout the years.